Samsung and Huawei settle multi-billion-dollar intellectual property battle

Samsung has settled a two-year long intellectual property dispute with Chinese smartphone rival Huawei after the companies filed a joint motion in the US.

The world’s two largest android smartphone manufacturers filed a motion in a US appeals court to pause proceedings, which have been taking place since 2016, as they reached a settlement agreement earlier this week.

The pair asked for a 30-day pause on proceedings while they finalise the settlement.

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“The parties entered into a settlement agreement and, pursuant to that agreement, they anticipate that in the next several weeks they will complete the pending steps to finalize the settlement and ultimately that Huawei will file an unopposed motion to dismiss this pending appeal within the next 30 days,” the joint motion states.

Huawei originally accused the smartphone retailer of using its patented technology in 27 of its Galaxy devices without permission, adding that they had delayed entering into a licensing agreement.

It accused its South Korean rival of “imprinting, selling and offering for sale a substantial volume of standard-compliant products that use Huawei’s SEP technology without a licence”, adding that the technology had earned it billions of dollars.

In early 2018 a court in Shenzhen ruled in Huawei’s favour, blocking Samsung from manufacturing and selling 4G LTE in China, however a parallel case in the US months later ordered Huawei to not put this ban into force.

Samsung denies the allegations and countersued Huawei for “grossly” inflating its licensing fees.

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