Amazon launches new service allowing brands to remove fakes themselves


Amazon has announced its latest major programme to tackle counterfeit goods on its platform, which will allow brands to directly remove fakes.

Dubbed “Project Zero”, the new initiative will utilise machine learning capabilities to continuously scan Amazon’s five billion daily product listing updates, using logos, trademarks and other key data provided directly by the brands to seek out counterfeits.

Brands will also be given tools allowing them to be more proactive, instead of reactive, in tackling counterfeit goods on the platform.

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They will now be able to directly remove and control Amazon listings featuring fake goods, without having to first contact Amazon and file a counterfeit report, which is the current system.

Furthermore, Project Zero will feature an optional service called product serialisation, in which Amazon will confirm the authenticity of goods.

Each item will be given a unique code which is placed on the item during manufacturing, which Amazon will then scan when the product is ordered to verify its authenticity. Amazon is expected to charge between one and five cents for each item using this service.

Project Zero will initially be an invite-only programme in the US before being expanded, and participants must have a government registered trademark and be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

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