Amazon’s latest patent will give you a personal delivery collection robot

Amazon has issued its latest outlandish patent for a robot which will go and collect your deliveries from the nearest pick-up centre.

Today the online tech giant issued a patent for an “autonomous ground vehicle” (AGV), a robot which will sit in your home and go out and retrieve your latest Amazon orders all by itself.

According to the patent, the AGV would be owned by the consumer, or could service a group of consumers such as a block of flats.

It also describes how the robot would autonomously route itself to a coordinated pickup spot from an Amazon delivery truck. It goes on to discuss how a delivery truck could service numerous AGV’s at a time at a pre-arranged local location, or alert the AGV to when it will be approaching the area.

“Autonomous ground vehicles (“AGVs”) are utilized to retrieve items from transportation vehicles (e.g., delivery trucks) for delivery to specified locations (e.g., user residences, etc.),” the patent read.

“In various implementations, the AGVs may be owned by individual users and/or may service a group of users in a given area (e.g., in an apartment building, neighborhood, etc.).”

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