Ebay sees UK sellers skyrocket amid small business “boom”

Ebay has seen the biggest rise in UK sellers on its platform since 2015 amid what it describes as a small business “boom”.

In 2018 Ebay saw nearly 37,000 sellers join sign up in the UK, and according to the marketplace’s Small Business Barometer 43 per cent of small businesses feel positive about their growth prospects in 2019, nearly double the 22 per cent who felt negatively.

Furthermore 62 per cent of small business owners state they expected to increase investments this year, while 22 per cent expected online sales to represent the majority of their growth.

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“Britain’s small business scene is booming, fuelled by a desire for greater flexibility, independence and empowerment,” Ebay UK’s vice president Rob Hattrell said.

“It’s this attitude, coupled with an agile approach to decision-making, that means our sellers have what it takes to keep British business ahead of the pack. I see plenty of entrepreneurs on Ebay, like The Print House, moving quickly to capitalise on opportunities that larger firms often struggle to see.”

Of the small business owners surveyed 33 per cent stated that the power to choose working hours was their main motivation for starting their own company, while a further 30 per cent said it was the power to make their own decisions.

The Print House’s co-founder Ed Snelson added: “When I started my business, I was working full-time in the aircraft manufacturing industry and my business partner Hannah was an estate agent. We’d never wanted a nine-to-five lifestyle, so decided to set up a store on Ebay to create our own success.

“Working round-the-clock to begin with was difficult, but it gave us both the freedom to walk away from our traditional jobs just a year later. Today, Ebay makes up over 50 per cent of our revenue growth, and this year we are aiming to turnover £1.6 million in sales.”

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