Your guide to thriving in the Amazon era


Surviving the Amazon Effect

Amazon’s move into the business-to-business market is having a profound impact on many manufacturers and wholesale distributors—even those that do not currently compete directly with Amazon. Its expertise in customer experience is drastically influencing the B2B buyers’ expectations. They now want the same level of service in B2B purchasing as they receive when shopping as a consumer, and manufacturers and distributors must make changes to their business operations if they are to survive in the Amazon era.

This white paper explores some of the key ways you can improve your business operations to deliver a superior customer experience, and highlights key strategic decisions you should be thinking about in order to run a successful business and achieve high-growth in the age of Amazon, including:

What is the Amazon Effect?

  • The challenges of ever-increasing customer expectations.
  • How an integrated cloud-based platform can help you survive.
  • How to thrive in the age of Amazon with differentiation and optimisation.

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