Samsung patents wirelessly-powered TV

Samsung has filed a patent suggesting it is working on an entirely wireless TV, utilising a wireless power transceiver to operate without any cables.

As reported by LetsGoDigital, Samsung filed the patent around a year ago and it has just been made public.

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The proposed TV would use a magnetic bar attached to its back as a wireless power transceiver, which would receive electricity from a transmitter plugged into the mains elsewhere in the room.

Should Samsung follow through with its patent, it would be the first TV of its kind, and could spark an influx of wirelessly powered devices.

Wireless charging is a technology is relatively new, but has been adopted in the smartphone market and is currently thought to be available on over 600 mobile devices, including many of Samsung’s.

The technology uses an electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to send energy from one point to another without the need for wires, though current mobile charging applications only charge up to 15W.

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