Argos launches new visual search app

Argos has launched a new image search app enabling customers to search for homeware and furniture products using their phone’s photos or images.

The retailer has launched its visual search tool on iOS, letting users search Argos’ entire homeware and furniture collection using AI to recognise distinctive features like the shape, colour and style of products in images.

In the future, Argos aims to extend its visual search functionality to enhance its iconic catalogue, letting users scan items they like and suggest complimentary items or let them purchase the items directly online.

“Customers are increasingly using social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, as a source of inspiration so visual search has the potential to transform how we shop for the home,” Argos digital director Mark Steel said.

“By creating it in our app, we’re intentionally putting this exciting new technology directly into the hands and pockets of our customers who are using mobile devices to shop more than ever.

“Customers seeking a product or even an entire room set they’ve discovered online, or seen in a friend’s home, can now browse our vast range of homewares and furniture to find great value similar items in an instant, simply using a picture.

“The future potential for visual search is really exciting as it has the ability to break down language barriers and offer those with disabilities an easy way to find what they need online.  We’re also exploring how we can use it to help bridge the gap between our physical catalogue and digital channels, offering customers a truly integrated way to shop.”

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