Smart speakers officially added to governments inflation calculations

Smart speaker’s have officially been included in the government’s list of items used to measure the rate of inflation.

The growing popularity and influence of devices like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, has been epitomised by their induction into the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) inflation basket.

They will now have their prices checked every month as part of the department’s wider calculation of inflation in the UK, ensuring it accurately represents the spending habits of the country.

“We want to reflect modern spending habits and the alterations we have made highlight shifting consumer behaviour, whether that is in technology, the home or the way we communicate with one another,” ONS senior statistician Philip Gooding said.

According to data released by Argos last September, more UK households now own a smart speaker than a rabbit, and according to Deloitte the smart speaker market is expected to grow 63 per cent over the next year to be worth £5.6 billion.

This year the ONS added 16 new items to its basket, including electric toothbrushes, dog treats, flavoured herbal teas, peanut butter and baking trays.

Conversely items like three-piece suites, envelopes, washing powder and matching sets of crockery will excluded.

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