Google could be next to offer a folding phone

Google could be the latest tech giant to jump on the folding phone bandwagon, after it filed a patent for a “computing device” which can be folded multiple times without developing creases.

According to PatentlyMobile, the search engine giant which sells numerous smart devices including its flagship Pixel smartphone range, issued a patent for a device unlike anything suggested by its rivals.

The patent lays out the problems facing current smartphones, which struggle to find a balance between being portable when they’re not used and having a large display when they are.

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It goes on to add that folding phones could seek to solve this problem, but that the current generation’s thin displays can suffer from “small radius bends at the fold in the display, which may be detrimental to sensitive components of the display”.

Google then explains how it would create a thin yet durable folding display, focusing on the various layers needed to achieve this.

Notable diagrams show how the model could have two folds, collapsing into a “z” or wallet shape rather than simply in half.

Though it has filed the patent, it is unclear whether Google is seriously considering breaking into the market, or whether it is just thinking about the emerging technology.

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