Alibaba now sells compliments via online “praise groups”

Alibaba has seen a dramatic rise in sales of “praise proups”, a strange new craze in which customers pay to be complimented.

The Chinese ecommerce giant has seen a growing number of praise groups or “Kua Kua” pop up on its Taoboa platform, one of the world’s largest online retail websites.

There are reportedly around a dozen different praise groups available on the platform, which see customers pay for a limited time in a Kua Kua chatroom.

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In these chatrooms the user will reveal some details about themselves, often a profile picture or a simple statement, and receive an influx of compliments and praise from the group’s other members.

Prices vary depending on the amount of time spent in the chatroom, the quality of the compliments, and the number of people complimenting the customer.

Starting from around $7.5 for a five-minute session, the user can expect to be complimented by over 100 people.

However, some memberships can cost as much as $28 and chatrooms can exceed over 500 members.

It’s unclear whether this odd craze could soon be seen in the UK, however with growing concerns about how hate groups are able to spread their narratives online alongside the prevalence of online trolls, anything could happen.

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