Co-op introduces high-tech smart fog systems to deter crime

Co-op has introduced new high-tech fog cannons across its store network to help tackle retail theft and crime.

The UK’s sixth largest grocer is set to begin trialling SmartWater fog cannons in its stores in Greater Manchester, London and South Wales.

When a “determined offender” enters a protected location and triggers an alarm the fog cannons will release a dense, white “security” fog aimed at hindering the criminals progress by obscuring their vision.

At the same time the offender is sprayed with smart water forensic liquid, which contains a “unique forensic fingerprint”.

The invisible liquid, which glows under UV light, is guaranteed to last for at least five years and can effectively link the criminal to the crime scene, also creating additional evidence like foot and hand prints.

“With hundreds of criminal convictions to date and a 100 per cent conviction rate in court, criminals are aware of SmartWater’s ability to place them at the scene of a crime,” SmartWater’s managing director Florian Mattinson said.

“This crime-beating innovation is the result of a joint venture between the market leaders in forensic and fogging technology. Following the successful roll-out of SmartWater to Co-op’s ATM estate, this fog represents a further significant step in retail security in communities, one which combines deterrence, vision-obscuring fog and traceability. Simply put, this technology represents an even greater deterrent to criminals.”

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