Google expected to unveil video game streaming platform “Project Stream” this today

Google is expected to become the first tech giant to reveal its video game streaming service during a conference this evening.

The tech giant is due to host a press conference at 5pm GMT today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and is expected to launch its hotly anticipated “Project Stream” service.

Despite speculation the announcement could focus on a new console, industry insiders are suggesting it could instead unveil its video game streaming service, after launching a beta last Autumn.

The Project Stream beta last year allowed users with high-speed internet connections to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in a tab on their Google Chrome internet browser, suggesting the technology is close to completion.

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According to Kotaku, Google’s streaming platform will be playable on any hardware, including computers, TVs and even smart phones, using either an Xbox controller or a new controller Google is expected to unveil this evening.

Rival offerings from Amazon, Apple, Verizon and Microsoft are expected to be in the works, all allowing customers to play high-end AAA games without the need to purchase an expensive console, potentially revolutionising gaming retail just as streaming has done for video.

However, Google’s platform is thought to offer innovative new options over its rivals, including the ability to purchase the game while watching a Twitch stream, download a save file and start the game at the last point you had seen in the video.

This feature would also allow gamers to enter a multiplayer game with their favourite streamer, should the developer and streamer opt to offer the service.

It is also understood the Google has been creating its own video games, poaching developers from other companies and meeting with big publishers.

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