66% of shoppers bypass search engines and go straight to Amazon

Nearly three in four shoppers go straight to Amazon when they are ready to buy a product, with many bypassing search engines altogether.

According to new research from ecommerce growth company Feedvisor, 74 per cent of shoppers go directly to Amazon’s marketplace whenever they make a decision to buy a specific product.

Of the 2000 US participants, 66 per cent said they typically start a new search for a product on Amazon instead of searching via Google or looking on more specialised retailers’ sites, and 95 per cent of those said they were satisfied with the results.

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A further 48 per cent of people admitted to visiting Amazon at least a few times a week, while 89 per cent said they visited it once a month.

This is even more prominent with Amazon Prime members, of which there are now over 100 million, with five per cent buying from Amazon daily, and 45 per cent buying at least once a week.

As predictions suggest that Amazon will account for around 52.4 per cent of the ecommerce market in the US this year, rival retailers are growing concerned that it could monopolise the industry.

“There is an important difference between horizontal breadth and vertical depth,” an Amazon spokesman told CNBC.

“We operate in a diverse range of businesses, from retail and entertainment to consumer electronics and technology services, and we have intense and well-established competition in each of these areas.

“Retail is our largest business and we represent less than 1 percent of global retail and less than 4 percent of U.S. retail.”

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