Go Instore tech drives sales growth for Currys PC World

Currys PC World has hailed the success of its partnership with tech start-up Go Instore, which enables online customers to virtually enter physical stores.

The technology retailer has reported increasing sales of its HP products, including an increased average order value, after a partnership between HP and Go Instore was established last summer.

Go Instore is a new technology that essentially enables users browsing a retailer’s website to enter its physical store and interact with staff via webcam.

We tried the service back in 2017, watch it here. 

When browsing a retailer’s website a customer can choose to “go instore”, which will then establish a one-way visual connection and two-way audio connection with a member of store staff, allowing the customer to interact with store staff and ask questions about items, stock and recommendations as you would in store.

Staff can only hear the customer, but the user can essentially see what staff are seeing by streaming images via a smartphone or smart glasses.

HP has been allowing customers browsing products on Currys PC World’s website to connect with HP experts, giving them the ability to recommend product preferences, needs and tastes tailored to the customer.

Go Instore now works with Farfetch, Porsche, Marriot, Intu and Sofa.com.

“The success HP is having in engaging online shoppers cannot be underestimated,” Go Instore’s co-founder Andre Hordagoda said.

“They are building a dedicated team to manage Go Instore internally, as well as in-store sales experts to specifically manage Go Instore calls. To meet the growing demand for immersive online shopping, HP are embarking on a European rollout with other major consumer electronics retailers.”

Currys PC World’s connected channels senior product manager Simon Swanborough added: “Working with Go Instore, we handled a record number of online interactions for HP products.

“Across the stores that are active with the Go Instore service, store experts spent an average of 34% of their time engaging with online shoppers, with our Bristol store in particular, spending 70% of their available free time in a call.   The success with HP has resulted in switching on the partnership to cover a greater proportion of the country.”

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