Leaked Samsung Galaxy Fold video raises concerns over crease

A new leaked video has emerged of Samsung’s £1800 foldable Galaxy Fold phone, sparking a mixed reception from the public.

Since it announced it was set to release a foldable phone last month, the tech retailer has been reluctant to allow anyone hands-on time with its Galaxy Fold.

Due for release at the end of April this year, Samsung has been attempted to iron out issues with its flagship device, including a crease that appears along the folding panel of the screen.

Though Samsung said this fold only appears after the device has been folded over 10,000 times, the new video shows a noticeable and fairly prominent crease on the device.


Furthermore, concerns have been raised about its responsiveness, with the video showing the device taking more than one attempt to unlock, and noticeable lag between when the phone is folded and when the outer screen responds.

Some have also pointed out the relatively limited amount of space on-screen when the phone is folded, allowing for just three individual icons.

Despite the phone’s release set for just over a month, it is not clear whether the device in the video is the finished result or a prototype device, so any issues may well have been addressed by launch.

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