Walmart could be next company to offer a cloud gaming service

Walmart is thought to be the latest company to jump on the game streaming bandwagon, just a week after Google announced its own platform Stadia.

According to USgamer, the US retail giant is working on a game streaming service of its own, set to join what is becoming an increasingly competitive market before any products have even launched.

Other than Google, tech giants including Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Verizon and Amazon are all thought to be working on similar technology.

The report suggests that Walmart has been in discussions with game developers and publishers for several months, though no details about how far along the project is have been revealed.

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It is understood that Walmart has some way to go in securing the infrastructure needed to launch a cloud gaming service to rival that of Google’s, meaning if the reports are correct, the retailer’s offering could still be years away.

Last week Google revealed Stadia, the Gaming Developers Conference in San Francisco, sending shares of leading console makers like Sony and Nintendo plummeting.

The Stadia system, due to launch this year in the UK and US, promises to of “bring a triple-A game to any device with a Chrome browser and an internet connection,” promising to majorly disrupt the entire $140 billion gaming industry.

Unlike traditional modes of gaming, where a console or PC runs a game off a disc or hefty digital download, the Stadia system will run games off very high-end systems at its own locations, using an internet connection to stream the image into the user’s home.

This offers gamers the ability to play games in better-than-console-quality games without having to purchase a console, on any device which can run Google Chrome including PCs, TVs, tablets and even smart phones.

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