Starship Technologies autonomous delivery service launches in 2nd location

Starship Technologies has expanded its autonomous delivery service to a second university campus in the US, launching 30 new robots.

The tech start-up introduced its robot delivery service to George Mason University’s Fairfax campus earlier this year, allowing thousands of customers to order goods from local participating businesses via an app, which are then delivered in its autonomous vehicles.

It has now announced plans to launch its service in a second location in Northern Arizona University, offering 25,000 students, university staff and faculty deliveries for just $1.99.

30 new robots will now deliver orders weighing up to 20 pounds, or around three full shopping bags, from various local businesses.

Using the Starship app, available on either Android or iOS, customers order goods to any location within the campus, and track their order in real time.

Upon completing their order, customers will be given a password which they can then use to open the robot’s compartment when it arrives.

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Its six-wheeled robots are able to mount curbs, cross streets and travel in any conditions including the snow, rain and dark autonomously.

“We’ve been very pleased with how quickly Starship has been embraced on college campuses,” Starship senior vice president of business development Ryan Tuohy said.

“These campuses are hubs of innovation and activity, with both students and faculty needing convenient and flexible services. Our on-demand delivery is perfectly suited to this environment, and we can’t wait to introduce our robots to the students and faculty at Northern Arizona University.”

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