Ruling could see iPhone 7 sales banned in the US

Apple’s long running legal dispute with microchip manufacturer Qualcomm could see the sale of some iPhone models banned in the US.

Yesterday Judge MaryJoan McNamara of the International Trade Commission (ITC) said that a Qualcomm US patent for had been infringed by Apple, adding that iPhone models containing the Intel modems in question could be banned in the US.

This ruling, which is still being considered by the ITC before it can be inforced, would prevent iPhone 7 an iPhone 7 Plus phones from being shipped and sold in the US.

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“A complete recommendation on remedy and bond will be forthcoming together with findings of fact and an analysis of the effects of the public interest factors on the issue of remedy,” McNamara wrote.

“However, it should be noted that I will be recommending that a limited exclusion order together with a cease and desist order, both with certification provisions, issue against Apple.”

However, yesterday a separate ITC ruling in the complex and long running legal battle between the two companies was in favour of Apple, finding that some of Qualcomm’s patent claims were invalid.

Earlier this month Apple was found guilty of infringing three separate Qualcomm patents and was ordered to pay Qualcomm $31 million (£23 million).

This comes ahead of a larger trial in April, which will cover Apple’s allegations that Qualcomm engages in anti-competitive licensing strategies, and Qualcomm’s claims Apple owes them royalties.

The battle began two years ago when Apple launched a $1 billion lawsuit against the company, which has since developed into one of the industry’s biggest legal disputes and has definitively ended the relationship between the two companies which previously had an exclusive licensing agreement.

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