2018 “another record year for the UK games industry”

The UK games market grew by double digits last year and was worth a record £5.7 billion, as digital revenues continue to skyrocket.

According to the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry trade body Ukie, the games market grew 10 per cent year-on-year in 2018, with both software and hardware sales beating previous records.

Gaming software was a standout performer, rising 10.3 per cent to exceed £4 billion for the first time.

Software including full game downloads, downloadable content (DLC) and in game transactions jumped 20.3 per cent to a record £2.01 billion in 2018, thanks to the meteoric rise in free to play games like Fornite, which accounted for whopping 50 per cent of all software revenues.

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Meanwhile the mobile gaming market grew by 8.2 per cent to £1.17 billion, whereas physical boxed software like games saw a slight reduction of 2.5 per cent to £770 million.

This was further accentuated in the dramatic downturn of pre-owned games, diving 30.8 per cent to £67.9 million.

The hardware market was also worth more than ever last year, rising 10.7 per cent to £1.57 billion.

Despite no new consoles being launched in 2018, sales of game consoles jumped 6.5 per cent to £702 million.

PC Game Hardware also enjoyed another strong year, increasing 18.4 per cent to £445 million, while the accessories market similarly grew nearly 20 per cent to £355 million.

“2018 has been another record year for the UK games industry,” Ukie chief executive Dr Jo Twist said.

“Both software and hardware markets have seen steady growth; with the software sector’s digital, online and mobile sales all increased over the 12 months; and the hardware market seeing significant gains across PC game hardware, peripherals, and accessories.

“The UK games industry is a cornerstone of the country’s cultural landscape and continues to work hard to create new, innovative and exciting content that consumers want to experience, and that helps to drive the industry forward year-on-year.”

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