Amazon crowned best place to work in the UK

Amazon has been crowned the most desirable place to work in the UK according to LinkedIn’s annual Top Companies list.

The online retailer was voted the top company that UK workers want to work at, and stay at once their hired, rising from 7th place last year knocking rival retailer Asos off the top spot.

The list, comprising of 25 companies, was collated by LinkedIn’s editors and data scientists who analysed billions of actions taken by users of the professional social media platform, and determined which companies attracted and held on to the most talent.

Amazon managed to retain its spot in the top ten for the second year running, no mean feat considering six of those were new entrants this year.

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According to LinkedIn, which boasts over 26 million users in the UK, job seekers are seeking stable jobs despite the growing prominence of the disruptive startup sector.

“People are looking — and you look at the UK list — for big, stable, established companies where they can have a solid career,” LinkedIn’s senior editor-at-large Isabelle Roughol told CNBC.

The only other retailer in the top ten was grocery giant Sainsbury’s, coming in at 3rd place behind JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Amazon employs more than 560,000 people globally, and its UK employees are entitled to its “Career Choice” programme, which offers to pre-pay 95 per cent of tuition fees for high demand courses.

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