Microsoft expected to launch its own ecommerce platform to rival Shopify

Microsoft is reportedly considering breaking into the ecommerce market by launching its own version of Shopify.

During an interview with The Information, the tech giant’s vice president of retail and consumer goods Shelly Bransten said that launching its own branded equivalent of Shopify was “something we’re looking at very seriously because our customers are asking us for it”.

Shopify, an ecommerce website building platform which hosts websites for thousands of retail businesses including Tesla, Nicce and Yeezy Supply, saw its shares dip around three per cent following the news.

The platform, which accounts for around 10 per cent of the global ecommerce platform marketshare,  also offers its users tools for app-development, inventory management, order fulfilment, logistics and accounting.

Microsoft, which owns around 100 of its own stores, already offers many of these services to its clients via its Dynamics line, including the likes of Walmart.

Bransten joined Microsoft in order to help them build new products and services, and already has an extensive knowledge of the retail sector, having worked at fashion retailer Gap for over 15 years.

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