Brazilian retailer Zaitt opens 24-hour autonomous convenience store

The high-tech Brazilian start-up retailer Zaitt has opened a new fully autonomous convenience store in São Paulo.

In partnership with multinational retailer Carrefour, Zaitt has launched its second store in the country, which integrates technology allowing the store to run 24-hours a day completely autonomously.

Customers at the new store have the choice to pay two separate ways, which require them to enter the store through two separate doors.

The first uses facial recognition to identify the customer and link to their previously input card details, and uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to automatically register which items they have collected, without them having to scan anything.

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Alternatively, customers can download the Zaitt app and enter the store through a second door, using scan-and-go technology to scan products QR codes and automatically add them to their virtual shopping basket.

Both methods require the shopper to verify their goods on a screen near the exit, and once their account has debited the payment the doors open for them to leave.

“As we do globally, we will be partnering with companies and startups that bring us new technologies and competencies to accelerate our digital transformation and generate scale for truly innovative services and solutions”, Carrefour’s eBusiness Brazil chief executive Paula Cardoso said.

Zaitt’s first store in Brazil also integrated its scan-and-go technology but did not include the more advanced facial recognition and RFID elements.

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