Google’s owner Alphabet launches drone delivery service in Australia

Google’s parent company Alphabet has launched the first ever drone delivery service in Australia after gaining regulatory approval.

The programme, dubbed Wing, is understood to have been in testing for 18 months, and has now secured approval from Australia’s aviation authority after it ruled it posed no risk to residents or other aircraft.

The drone service is now poised to begin delivering takeaway food, coffee and medicines to around 100 homes in Australia’s capital Canberra, by lowering them on a string to the customers garden.

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Wing will partner with local businesses and deliver items within minutes of being ordered, and Alphabet predicts it could be worth as much as AU$40 million (£21.9 million), and deliver one in every four takeaways by 2030.

Due to restrictions the drones will only be able to fly between 7am and 8pm Monday to Saturday, and 8am to 8pm on Sundays, and cannot fly over crowds or main roads.

Alphabet says it plans to expand the service to more homes in the coming months.

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