Alibaba introduces “video fingerprint” technology to fight piracy

Alibaba is pioneering “video fingerprint” technology in an effort to tackle piracy on its ecommerce platforms Taoboa and Tmall.

Sellers across both Taoboa, Alibaba’s consumer-to-consumer platform, and Tmall, Alibaba’s business-to-consumer platform, are increasingly using short videos to advertise their products.

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However, these videos are often left unpatented and are often used without permission by other sellers.

The Chinese retail giant is now offering its sellers “video fingerprint” technology, in which participating businesses can upload their videos and have a unique coded identity automatically generated.

By recognising unique characteristics of the video such as the coding and compression of each frame, Alibaba’s algorithm will search more than one million videos each day and identify other videos which have used the footage, even if it has been trimmed or modified.

The offending videos will then be reported to the user, and 7000 businesses have already signed up to the scheme.

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