Autonomous retail service robots to hit UK for the first time

Autonomous retail service robots are due to hit UK supermarkets in the near future, as robotics firm Bossa Nova brings its tech to British shores.

For the first time the robots, which are already used by retail behemoth Walmart in the US, will be introduced to the UK market, promising to make “a huge difference to store operations and customer experience”.

The robots use artificial intelligence and high-tech sensors to analyse inventory data, automatically scanning store shelves to create an accurate stock management overview.

They will roll around aisles scanning prices and checking inventory, finding misplaced items or incorrect prices and alerting staff to what need to be done.

“Bossa Nova’s industry-leading technology is changing the retail ecosystem, and it is providing retailers with unparalleled real-time product data,” Bossa Nova’s Europe managing director Red McKay said.

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“Our technology provides accurate, reliable product information, making a stark difference to supermarkets everywhere. Bossa Nova robots learn and adapt to the stores they operate in – the data collected helps deliver real, measurable ROI that improves the bottom line.

“The introduction of intelligent technology into UK supermarkets couldn’t have come at a better time for both retailers and shoppers alike, with the industry trading amidst fluctuating financial and political times.”

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