Google launches “Cloud for Retail” to rival Amazon Web Services

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Google has launched a new cloud service for the retail industry designed to take on Amazon’s market leading Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Dubbed “Google Cloud for Retail”, the tech giant’s service will offer retailers a solution to all the key aspects of their operations like customer acquisition, logistics, inventory management and visual product search.

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It will also repackage some of its existing artificial intelligence services for more specific retail focused applications, and offer online retailers ecommerce hosting designed to prevent sites from slowing down or crashing on major shopping events like Black Friday.

This could prove popular with retailers looking for a holistic cloud solution who are wary of adopting AWS over concerns they’ll be subsidising Amazon’s own retail operations.

Alongside the launch Google also announced a new phase of its partnership with Salesforce, in which it will combine its AI tools and chatbot technology with Saleforce’s swathes of data.

Ikea and Shopify already use Google’s services, but other major retailers like Walmart and Target which have shunned AWS could also sign up.

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Ben StevensCloud News

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