Instagram and Pinterest deliver highest average order values for fashion retailers

Instagram and Pinterest deliver the highest average order values (AOV) on mobile for fashion retailers, despite driving relatively small amounts of traffic.

According to new research conducted by ecommerce personalisation platform Nosto, the two social platforms rate well above Facebook for AOV in both paid and unpaid social sources.

Pinterest led the way, securing an AOV on paid social posts like ads of $154 (£118) and an unpaid AOV of $68 (£52), while Instagram achieved an AOV for paid posts of $103 (£78) and $65 (£50) for unpaid.

In contrast Facebook’s paid AOV was $69 (£53) and $58 unpaid (£44), despite it commanding the highest conversion rate of any social media sites.

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Facebook is the biggest driver of social media traffic for fashion retailers and generates more orders overall, however each order is smaller on average to that of its rivals.

Nosto’s study examined tracked how paid and unpaid social media channels drive traffic to fashion retailers with annual sales of $50 million (£38.3 million) or more, looking at all traffic sources based on the “last click”, where visitors are directed to a retailer’s site via a previous page.

“The high Average Order Value the study demonstrates for Instagram and Pinterest shows the potential they have within fashion retail, particularly as both are adding new features to support ecommerce,” says Jim Lofgren, CEO, Nosto.

“However, right now their low direct traffic and lower conversion rates means there is a risk that they become destinations purely for branding plays. Instagram has managed to drive brand awareness for fashion brands by allowing them to leverage influencers, but can Instagram and Pinterest manage to sustainably drive ecommerce revenue?”

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