You can now get Amazon packages delivered inside your garage

Amazon has finally launched its Key for Garage service, allowing deliveries to be made to customers’ garages, nearly four months after first being announced.

This follows the launch of Amazon’s wider Key service in 2017, which allows Amazon’s delivery staff to enter their homes and later cars while they’re out to deliver packages.

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Like its predecessors, its garage service will require the customer to fit their garage door with a special connected locks, including an automated door opener from its launch partner Chamberlain.

If customers don’t want to splash out on a entirely new door system, they can also buy special hubs which integrate with their existing door openers for around $80 (£61).

These connected door openers are then linked to Amazon’s Key app and allow delivery drivers keyless access.

Amazon also sells its own branded Cloud Cam, which allows less trusting Prime members to remotely monitor their homes.

The Key service was initially intended to tackle the issue of “porch pirates”, who steal Amazon deliveries left outside of customers’ homes, however Amazon many are just as wary of allowing strangers into their homes.

Despite this Amazon Key has now expanded to more than 50 cities in the US, including 13 new ones with the launch of its Garage extension.

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