Woolworths launches app that allows suppliers to track sales of their items

Australia’s largest supermarket Woolworths is launching a new app which will allow suppliers to track the performance of their products in stores.

Woolworth’s has launched the Compass app, which calculates daily sales targets for each product, sending alerts to suppliers when they fail to be met.

Then suppliers can send in one of the 10,000 third party merchandisers that visit Woolworths each month, to ensure their items are correctly stocked and that there are no merchandising issues impeding sales.

The app provides suppliers near-live sales data, information about store planograms and the location of products in stores, display commitments and promotional information.

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In conjunction with analytics firm RI, Woolworths spent millions developing the app, aiming to help recoup sales losses.

“We see it as a genuine win-win because a lost sale for a supplier is a lost sale for Woolworths, and most likely an unsatisfied customer,” Woolworths’ director of fresh foods Paul Harker said.

“Drawing on smartphone technology and a spirit of collaboration, we’re confident Compass will drive a step-change in availability and merchandising standards for our customers.”

The app is currently available on iOS and Android and will be free for suppliers.

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  • Thanks for sharing this report. I feel like this has been a long time coming in general, and it’s no surprise that Woolworth’s is helping lead the pack. Pretty soon, I think this type of real-time sales data is going to be the industry norm for merchandisers and suppliers.


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