Instagram accounts promoting fake luxury goods has tripled since 2016

Instagram is failing to tackle the growth of accounts which promote the sale of counterfeit luxury goods from brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior.

According to new research from analytics firm Ghost Data seen exclusively by NBC, the number of accounts involved in counterfeiting activities has nearly tripled in the last three years.

Ghost Data’s research team used logo-recognition technology alongside hashtag and keyword searches to scan around four million Instagram posts.

It found over 56,000 accounts involved in counterfeiting activities, up from around 20,000 in 2016.

The accounts have also become more active, publishing around 65 million posts and an average of 1.6 million stories each month, compared to 14.5 million posts in 2016.

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It added that around 15 per cent of posts with a luxury brand’s hashtag were generated from accounts involves in fraudulent activity.

Furthermore the study suggested that counterfeit goods were easily identifiable as they use coded hashtags like #mirrorquality and #mirrorbag and #replica.

The social media giant said that it took the sale of counterfeit goods and fraudulent activity “very seriously”.

“Brand owners cannot remain the only ones taking action to chase online counterfeiters,” an LVMH spokesperson told NBC.

“As the level of infringement on Instagram and other channels increases, their efforts should be focused on strengthening actions to track, block and remove online listings and promotions for counterfeit goods.”

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