Could this be the world’s first Bitcoin debit card?

The world’s first cryptocurrency debit card is expected to be released in the near future by the controversial tech entrepreneur John McAfee.

McAfee, the man behind the first ever anti-virus software which launched in the 90’s, has become one of the most recognised and vocal proponents of the cryptocurrency industry.

Over the weekend, he announced on Twitter that he was working on launching the first crypto debit card which could be used “anywhere”.

The card has reportedly been developed by McAfee alongside credit card giant Visa and users will be able to “load it with Bitcoin then use it anywhere” that Visa cards are accepted, after the company converts it to a local currency.

In fitting form for the notoriously eccentric tech mogul, the first 12,000 cards will be brandished with his face in front of an American flag, complete with the inscription “Freedom Lover”.

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The Twitter post includes an image of a QR code on the back of the card, which is expected to connect to the user’s Bitcoin wallet and enable them to deposit money then spend with the card.

No solid details of the release date or exactly how the card will work have yet been released, but it is worth noting McAfee’s reputation for making dramatic statements on social media, including a promise to “eat his dick live on national television” if Bitcoin isn’t worth $1 million per coin by 2020.

This comes as the retail industry has begun to increasingly explore the adoption of cryptocurrencies, with start-ups like Moon exploring ways to use it on any ecommerce site, and chains like Starbucks exploring how to accept payments in store.

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