Amazon signs deal with Ford to expand in-car delivery service

Amazon has partnered with automotive giant Ford to expand its Amazon Key service to 2017 models and newer, allowing customers to get packages delivered inside their cars.

In a further effort to transform the delivery industry, Amazon launched its Key service in 2017 which gave delivery staff access to customers homes and garages via smart locks so they could deliver packages while customers were not home.

A year later the service was expanded to include customers’ cars, with Amazon partnering with Volvo and General Motors to grant delivery drivers access to certain models in their range.

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Ford has now penned a deal with Amazon enabling 2017 models and up to integrate its Key service.

The vehicles, which include models from Ford’s luxury subsidiary Lincoln, must come equipped with a modem allowing access to the carmaker’s connected cloud services FordPass Connect and Lincoln Connect.

Prime customers who are subscribed to both Amazon Key and FordPass will have to add a description of their car to their Amazon Key app in order for couriers to locate it.

In order to receive deliveries, it will also need to be parked within a certain radius of the customers home or work.

Earlier this month Amazon launched its Key for Garage service, allowing deliveries to be made to customers’ garages, nearly four months after first being announced.

Like its predecessors, its garage service will require the customer to fit their garage door with a special connected locks, including an automated door opener from its launch partner Chamberlain.

“I think this is a great opportunity for Ford to offer its customers one more service and a little bit of a value on why [they] have a connected vehicle,” Ford’s Lorin Kennedy said.

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