Alibaba to open its platform to international sellers in major challenge to Amazon

Alibaba is making major changes to its international marketplace which will allow sellers from across the globe to begin selling their products.

In a major challenge to Amazon, the Chinese ecommerce giant today announced plans for a major overhaul of its AliExpress subsidiary.

Until now AliExpress has been used solely to sell goods from Chinese manufacturers to the over 150 countries around the world, marketed by the company as a digital silk road.

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Alibaba will now open up the platform to sellers from across the globe for the first time, allowing merchants from Russia, Turkey, Italy and Spain to register and sell their products on the platform, with plans to roll the service out to more countries in the near future.

The service, dubbed “local to global”, is seen by some analysts as an attempt to offset falling sales in Alibaba’s home market as China’s economy continues to adjust.

“This year is the first year for our ‘local to global’ strategy,” Alibaba’s president of wholesale marketplaces division Trudy Dai told the Financial Times.

“This strategy is intimately connected to Alibaba’s broader globalisation strategy.

“From the very first day that Alibaba was founded we had a ‘global dream’.”

In 2018 AliExpress saw revenue growth of 94 per cent, making it one of the standout performers of the Alibaba group.

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