Nike to introduce “transformational” app to measure shoppers’ feet

Nike is set to introduce a new feature to its retail app which will scan shoppers’ feet to determine their exact size, aiming to eliminate ill fitting shoes for good.

Nike Fit will be rolled out in stores and in the Nike app in North America in July, and across Europe in August.

According to industry research, as many as 60 per cent of people currently have shoes which don’t correctly fit their feet, leading not only to discomfort, but to potential foot injuries.

In order to tackle this issue, Nike Fit will scan a user’s feet and determine the morphology of their foot to an accuracy of within a millimetre.

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It will then send the user purchase recommendations for Nike’s entire catalogue and could suggest different sizes for different products depending on the user’s unique foot shape.

“Fit is such a big friction point for our customers,” Nike’s global head of digital products Michael Martin said.

“We reached a point of realizing this was not just the biggest problem but biggest transformational opportunity that we have. … No matter how good the shoe is, if the foot doesn’t fit well within the shoe, you’re not going to get peak performance from it.

“We are going to have to educate consumers. We need adults to realize their sizing … continues to change as you are an adult.”

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