Retailers including New Balance & Samsung to add AR models to Google search

Retailers like New Balance and Samsung will soon see 3D interactive augmented reality (AR) models of their products introduced to Google searches.

During its I/O 2019 developers conference, in which Google also revealed its hotly anticipated new Google Pixel 3a, the tech giant announced that AR technology will soon be added to standard Google search results.

This will allow anyone searching on Google with their phone to view 3D models of their selected subject virtually superimposed onto the real world, allowing the user to explore and interact with them in greater detail.

During a keynote speech at the event Google’s vice president Aparna Chennapragada demonstrated the technology in action, using footwear retailer New Balance as an example.

(Google’s AR demonstration begins at 6:15)

The demonstration shows a “View in 3D” button which appears below a Google search result, the user can then view and interact with the 3D model in a blank virtual space, then choose to “View in your space”, superimposing the model into the real world space in front of the camera.

“With New Balance, you can look at shoes up close from different angles, directly from search,” Chennapragada said.

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“That way you get a much better sense of things like what the grip looks like, or how they match with the rest of your clothes.”

Other demonstrations of its AR technology included a huge swimming great white shark, and a working model of muscle flexion.

It has not yet been officially revealed when this technology will be added to Google search, but some sources have suggested it could be as early as next year.

Other companies reportedly working on 3D technology to integrate into search include NASA, Target, Visible Body, Volvo and Wayfair.

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