Amazon hit by “serious” hack seeing over 100 sellers bank details changed

More than 100 Amazon accounts fell victim to a “serious” hack which saw fraudsters funnel sellers’ cash into their own bank accounts over a six-month period.

According to Bloomberg, the hack took place between May and October last year, and saw fraudsters change the details of the sellers’ accounts on the Seller Central platform to their own Barclays and Prepay accounts.

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The online retailer, which has now finished its investigation into the hack, said the accounts were likely compromised by phishing scams which deceived merchants into giving up personal data.

A significant portion of the money stolen was in the form of merchant loans from Amazon, and although it has not released any details about how much was stolen, it is understood to have issued $1 billion in merchant loans last year.

Further funds generated from sales on the platform are understood to have been taken.

Amazon’s lawyers have now requested permission from a London judge to search the bank accounts held at Barclays and payment processing firm Prepay, which have been “innocently mixed up in the wrongdoing.”

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