Waitrose extends in-home delivery service While You’re Away to 1000 shoppers

Waitrose is extending its While You’re Away pilot, which sees its delivery drivers let themselves into customers homes while they’re out to deliver goods, to over 1000 people.

The grocer launched the trial, the first of its kind in the UK, in October last year to just 100 customers located within close proximity to its fulfilment centre in Coulsdon.

Now, due to “excellent customer feedback” it is expanding the potential the trial to ten times the participants, and outside of its current trial area.

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While You’re Away works much like Amazon’s Key delivery service, using smart locks to grant access to Waitrose delivery drivers and cameras to ensure security.

Waitrose is offering participants a free Yale smart lock worth £200, alongside free installation, which can be programmed with a 24-hour access key code, alongside up to 20 permanent access codes.

This temporary code is then sent to the delivery driver via a secure app, and deleted once the delivery is complete.

Free delivery will be offered to any participants spending over £25 and one of 12 specially trained delivery drivers will leave your items in your fridge or on your counter.

All delivery drivers are reportedly equipped with bodycams, able to be viewed upon request at any time by customers.

“The concept of ‘in-home delivery’ has started to prove popular in other countries so we are keen to establish if there is an appetite for it in the UK,” Waitrose head of business development Archie Mason said when the initial trial was launched.

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