Samsung could release Galaxy Fold next month

Samsung is understood to have found solutions to the numerous problems dogging its $2000 folding phone, following a disastrous initial release.

In late April Samsung sent out its new Galaxy Fold to tech journalists around the world for review only for a myriad of issues with the device to be exposed, including a defective hinge, screen distortion and flickering, and numerous users mistakenly removing part of the screen thinking it was a screen protector.

The South Korean tech giant has since delayed the release its release indefinitely, but reports have now emerged that it could hit shelves as early as next month.

According to Yonhap News Agency, unnamed sourced have stated Samsung has been testing the handset in its home country and has found fixes to two of its less prominent issues.

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To stop users mistaking part of the screen as a screen protector and removing it, an issue reported by numerous journalists as due to it looking nearly identical to the screen protectors shipped with Samsung’s other models, it will now simply tuck these in making it far harder to remove.

Another issue reported by journalists was that debris was making its way inside the phone and behind the screen via small gaps at the bottom of the phone’s hinge.

Samsung will now reportedly make the gap as small as possible to prevent this happening.

Despite this, these simple fixes may not be enough to quell the fears of Samsung customers who have pre-ordered the device, with major issues including the durability of the screen remaining unaddressed.

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