Fujitsu sees palm payments overtaking card and facial recognition for retailers

The future of retail payment is in our hands – or so Fujitsu would argue, thanks to their new biometric payment technology that could replace cash, credit and even facial recognition technology at the checkout.

The Tokyo tech giant has just unveiled its new “palm vein” system at its Fujitsu Forum show in Japan, which uses in-depth scans of a customer’s hands to authenticate payments.

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It could mean the end of searching for wallets or phones at the till, with customers instead registering their palm print at home or at the entrance to a store. 

When they get to the checkout, users pay by momentarily hovering their hand over a scanner – a system Fujitsu said could also work in vending machines, allowing customers to make purchases even when a store is closed.

Fujitsu believe their palm vein tech offers more accuracy and security than over biometric systems on the market today, noting that unlike our faces, veins do not change during a human’s lifespan.

While fingerprint scanning has gained popularity with smart devices and security systems, it’s often hampered by wet or greasy fingers.

The company said it has started rolling out its palm vein service in security for baking, and will be introducing it into Japanese supermarkets soon.

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