Amazon quietly opens 4 “Presented by Amazon” kiosks in malls across the US

Amazon has quietly launched four “Presented by Amazon” kiosks in shopping mall across the US, just weeks after announcing the closure of its pop-up estate.

The new kiosks, which were opened recently in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Skokie, will reportedly showcase a “themed selection of top brands, frequently presented to you by Amazon.”

Like its new four-star store formats, its Presented by Amazon kiosks are expected to have a rotating selection of goods, displaying both its own branded items and highly rates products on its marketplace.

“They’re a place to browse “a themed selection of top brands, frequently updated and presented to you by Amazon,” the retailer stated on its website.

This comes after Amazon announced it was due to close all 87 of its pop-up stores across the country at the end of April, stating that it would instead focus on “expanding Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star” stores.

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Amazon continues to push into the world of physical retail, having launched its 4-star store concept late last year, selling a range of goods available on its website with a four-star rating or above.

These include Amazon’s own Echo and Kindle lines, alongside a range of highly-rated products such as toys, household goods, games and kitchenware.

Prices of the goods will change depending on whether customers are an Amazon Prime member or not, with the retailer ensuring Prime members only pay the online price while non-members pay a premium.

In September, it was revealed that Amazon was planning to dramatically ramp up its Amazon Go grocery store roll out over the next few years, aiming for around 3000 stores by 2021.

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