Amazon introduces major new privacy features for Alexa amid growing criticism

Amazon has introduced new features to its Alexa voice software which will allow users to delete recordings of their voice.

According to Bloomberg, the retail giant has introduced a new update that let users who have opted in online to delete “everything I said today” with a simple voice command.

Soon another update will also allow users to delete the most recent thing they said in the same way.

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This coincides with the release of the third generation of its Echo Show smart home device, which also includes improved privacy features.

The Echo Show 5, which is essentially a smart speaker with a screen, will come with a mechanical slide allowing users to block the front-facing camera.

This comes amid growing pressure on tech companies to improve their privacy practices, with Amazon coming under fire last month after it was revealed its employees listen to users voice commands, and can even access the location of the person speaking.

Prior to the introduction of this new update, users could only delete recordings of their voice by visiting Amazon’s Alexa privacy website.

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