Waitrose to install high-tech “invisible doors” that could save industry billions

Waitrose is set to introduce high-tech “invisible doors” across its estate later this year in an effort to create more sustainable stores.

The grocer will introduce AirDoor technology, developed by Wirth Research, which uses sensors to detect the flow of air in both directions at the doors of Waitrose stores.

To prevent warm air being lost on colder days, and cold air being lost on warmer days, the system will provide self-generating wind to counteract the flow of air.

Later this year, Waitrose will introduce the AirDoor to its store in Berkhamsted, with plans to roll it out across its wider estate if successful.

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“We are always looking to find innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment,” Waitrose senior manager of technical services Jim Burnett said.

“While we know we still have a lot of work to do, the potential of the AirDoor could be key in helping us make our shops even more sustainable in the future.”

Wirth Research says that the AirDoor archway installed around the store’s entrance will cause minimal disruption, and could save British retailers a total of £1.5 billion every year on their energy bills.

“AirDoor is a response to a global and increasingly urgent issue,” Wirth’s president and founder of Nick Wirth said.

“It represents a solution that improves the customer experience, delivers annual energy savings and reduces carbon emissions.”

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