Royal Mail lets users send packages without ever visiting a post office via app

Royal Mail has announced the launch of new features to its app allowing users to check the price and purchase a delivery directly.

In an effort to simplify the delivery process for both small independent retailers and those selling items via marketplaces like Ebay, Depop and Gumtree, Royal Mail is now giving users the ability to complete postage without visiting a post office.

When sending a package users will now be able to check the price of postage using the app, then immediately purchase a one-off delivery.

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As soon as the purchase has been made senders will receive a QR code, which will allow them to print a postage label at any post office or Royal Mail Customer Service Point for free.

Further additions to its app include automatic notifications as the parcel moves through Royal Mail’s network, alongside the option to purchase Royal Mail Tracked in-app.

“The Royal Mail app is a great tool that helps recipients manage their deliveries more effectively,” a spokesperson said.

“The latest updates to the app are bringing more functionality to the fingertips of users. The new features of the Royal Mail app are part of our investment in technology that improves customer and recipient convenience.”

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