Royal Mail lets users send packages without ever visiting a post office via app

Royal Mail has announced the launch of new features to its app allowing users to check the price and purchase a delivery directly.

In an effort to simplify the delivery process for both small independent retailers and those selling items via marketplaces like Ebay, Depop and Gumtree, Royal Mail is now giving users the ability to complete postage without visiting a post office.

When sending a package users will now be able to check the price of postage using the app, then immediately purchase a one-off delivery.

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As soon as the purchase has been made senders will receive a QR code, which will allow them to print a postage label at any post office or Royal Mail Customer Service Point for free.

Further additions to its app include automatic notifications as the parcel moves through Royal Mail’s network, alongside the option to purchase Royal Mail Tracked in-app.

“The Royal Mail app is a great tool that helps recipients manage their deliveries more effectively,” a spokesperson said.

“The latest updates to the app are bringing more functionality to the fingertips of users. The new features of the Royal Mail app are part of our investment in technology that improves customer and recipient convenience.”

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  • So… you do have to go to the Post Officr

  • misleading headline. you have to download app, and then fanny about at post office.

  • Marion O’Hara
    October 21, 2020 10:45 am

    So you firstly need a printer and/or you still have to go to the Post office…..
    What is the point of this? 😡

  • This is clearly a misleading announcement, by some magic
    the parcel will be flying from sender to receiver WONDERFUL

  • So you still have to go to a post office. No change then. I frigging hate Royal mail, and I’m in very Dissapointed to hear Amazon parcels will be handled by them. I will certainly cancel my prime account. Bahh.

  • James Shallow
    January 4, 2021 1:37 pm

    There is much confusion here. I paid for 48 hour tracked for my parcel on the Royal Mail website. This site informed me that I needed postal confirmation at the Post Office in order to claim compensation should anything go amiss. So far, so good. I popped over the road to the convenient Post Office to get the required stamp. No, cannot accept this parcel, I need a main Post Office. So, Off I go into town where they also say no, and what’s in it? I tell them that’s irrelevant if they won’t post it and ask where to take it. Told to go to the sorting office but they said it’s closed. I walk to the sorting office anyway only to find it’s open. I ring the bell and read the long message about how I can’t hear the bell but they can so don’t ring it more than once and just have patience. Not sure now if I pressed hard enough but don’t know if I should press again in case it upsets someone. Decide to press and just apologise if I’ve pressed it twice. Nice lady comes to the hatch and doesn’t say anything about two pressings so couldn’t have pressed properly the first time. These thoughts throw me off track for a moment: lady patiently waits. I then launch (politely) into my postal adventure and am told the Post Office doesn’t like Royal Mail (did the person in the second Post Office deliberately deceive over the opening hours of the sorting office?). However, here at the sorting office, which is Royal Mail, they can take my parcel; hurrah! But, they can’t give me proof of postage which was the main point of the postal exercise. How then do I claim compensation if the worst happens. Not sure, but you can track it. I left confused and bewildered: yes, the parcel is in the postal system; no, not sure I have proof; and a simple 40 second walk to the Post Office where I shouldn’t have had to wait long as I’d done all the work online, turns into a 4 mile walk round town to three venues where I receive conflicting and largely unhelpful service. Fortunately, the lady at the sorting office was friendly and quite understood my situation and agreed it was bonkers. Does sending a blessed parcel have to be this difficult!

  • Margaret Holland
    January 10, 2021 5:33 pm

    I am not allowed to move from home due to Covid. How can I get a parcel sent? Don’t care by what method. The above has completely confused me.

  • on the tv it leads you to believe you dont have to go to the post office just use app online then put into one of those recycling looking post boxes. now it says you have to go to post office to print label waste of time. would have thought you could weigh it pay print off label and post.

  • Is a basket

  • I dont like waiting in line with more then 10 parcels so is there a faster way to get my parcel sent and get proof of postage without having to go to the post office. if you can let me know.

  • I had same experiences but Royal Mail does give a receipt if they are bothered…They have a book they stamp…

  • Jamie powell
    May 4, 2021 1:59 pm

    You don’t have to go to the post office you sent be print your your special delivery or recorded delivery or any other delivery and then record yourself put in the package into the Post box that’s all you need to do it really is that simple. Don’t have you ever read any of the small print are we from bothered to read anything that’s on your screen when you go to checkout? If you actually used your brains then you would realise no post office is needed at all it tells you on checkout is in Leeds go to the post office or if you can just post it directly and most of the time you can just take it straight to the postbox simple as that. I’m not saying that Royal Mail or any good I’m not saying that I prefer them know I’ll cheaper options but for some things Royal Mail I just the easiest and most reliable


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