Amazon announces free 1-day delivery on 10 million items

Amazon’s has announced that its free one-day delivery for Prime members is now available on over 10 million products.

The news comes after the online retail giant announced plans to invest $800 million (£620 million) over the second quarter into halving its delivery times for its Prime members in April.

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In an announcement yesterday Amazon said that the initiative has now been rolled out across millions of items to members in North America, and will soon be rolled out internationally.

This is the latest escalation in an increasing rivalry between Amazon and Walmart, which announced the roll out of one-day delivery on 220,000 items on any orders over $35 last month.

Despite Walmart offering one-day delivery on far fewer items, customers are able to make the orders without paying for a subscription, unlike Amazon Prime customers.

While Amazon is continuing to increase its distribution network across the country, currently boasting 75 fulfilment centres and 25 sortation centres, Walmart already has a network of 5000 stores spanning the country, with 90 per cent of the US living within 10 miles of a Walmart store.

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