Carrefour boasts sales boost thanks to blockchain ledger technology


French grocery giant Carrefour has boasted a major sales boost thanks to the implementation of blockchain ledger technology.

According to Reuters, Carrefour said it had seen a “positive impact” on sales of 20 items including chicken, eggs, raw milk, oranges, pork and cheese after introducing the technology, but failed to give any detailed figures.

The digital tracking technology allows users to scan a QR on an item and receive detailed information about its origins from farm to shelf, including where it was harvested and packed, whether it is been genetically modified and even what pesticides have been used.

Following this successful trial, Carrefour says it plans to roll out the technology across 100 more items this year, focusing on items where shoppers want more reassurance.

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The blockchain system was developed alongside IBM, which is collaborating with a number of retailers, logistics firms and growers to build a picture of global supply chains.

“If I can trust Carrefour with this chicken, I can also trust Carrefour for their apples or cheese,’” Carrefour’s blockchain project manager Emmanuel Delerm told Reuters. 

“Millennials are buying less but buying better products for their health, for the planet.”

Next Carrefour wants to expand the technology to include non-food items like clothing, while expanding its product information to include things like how much the farmer receives from each sale.

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