HappyOrNot celebrates 1bn customer feedbacks

Customer feedback giant HappyOrNot is celebrating its 1 billionth feedback this week, as its technology continues to be adopted across the international retail market.

The Finnish technology company, whose iconic feedback terminals are installed in 3000 organisations across 120 countries including in Ikea, Microsoft, McDonald’s and London Heathrow Airport, uses simple smiley face buttons to gain customer insight.

According to HappyOrNot its feedback database now nearly doubles the amount of reviews on TripAdvisor, and represents the equivalent of around 50 billion customer surveys.

While Norway is reportedly the country with the highest level of customer satisfaction, the US and UK come well below at 14th and 49th respectively.

Worldwide retail customers recorded an 85.6 per cent satisfaction rating in 2018, coming behind healthcare’s 87.4 per cent, but ahead of both transport and services industries which recorded a 79.2 per cent and 83.8 per cent satisfaction rating respectively.

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The happiest month for retail customers is reportedly November, while the happiest weekday is Thursday and the happiest recorded time is 9am.

Conversely August was the least happy time for shopping, while Sunday’s were the worst day and 6pm was the least happy time.

“Organizations must listen, and customers must be allowed to speak,” HappyOrNot’s founder Heikki Väänänen said.

“This has been our guiding principle since the very start. It is hard to believe it was a decade ago I was telling my now-co-founder, Ville Levaniemi, about how I had once been rudely treated in a small store in Finland.

“As I left that store, frustrated and upset, I imagined a big red button to alert the store’s management to the shortcomings of their business. The idea grew, and became HappyOrNot – and now that red button and its three Smiley siblings have been pressed a billion times.”

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