Google’s Stadia game streaming service will cost £8.99 and be launched in November


Google has revealed that its new flagship gaming streaming service Stadia will be launched in November and initially cost just £8.99 a month.

In March, the technology giant officially announced its video game streaming platform in a move which stands to disrupt the entire $140 billion industry.

The Stadia system promises to of “bring a triple-A game to any device with a Chrome browser and an internet connection.”

Google has now revealed that though it will be available on traditional PC’s and tablets, only its Google Pixel phones will be able to run it, not other android handsets.

Customers can now pre-order the Stadia system for £119, which will include a controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra.

It is understood that streaming games via Stadia at 1080p would take the equivalent of 9GB per hour, or around half that at 720p.

Initially a Stadia subscription will be £8.99 a month, however next year Google says it will release a free Stadia Base subscription next year.

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At launch it will feature 30 games from major publishers including the upcoming Doom Eternal, and be available in 14 countries.

Its controller reportedly has a button which will allow users to share gameplay directly to YouTube.

Unlike traditional modes of gaming, where a console or PC runs a game off a disc or hefty digital download, the Stadia system will run games off very high-end systems at its own locations, using an internet connection to stream the image into the user’s home.

This offers gamers the ability to play games in better-than-console-quality games without having to purchase a console, on any device which can run Google Chrome including PCs, TVs, tablets and even smart phones.

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