Waitrose expands 2-hour delivery outside of London

Waitrose is expanding its Rapid Delivery initiative outside of London for the first time, expanding to Bath and Hove next month.

The up-market grocer has announced plans to expand its Rapid Delivery trial, which allows customers to order up to 25 items from a range of over 2000 products for delivery within two-hours, to Bath from July 8 and Hove from July 15.

It is also set to launch the service in 58 new London postcode including Battersea, Bayswater, Victoria, Kingston and High Street Kensington.

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Waitrose launched the Rapid service in September last year, teaming up with last mile delivery start up On the dot which uses vans and cargo bikes to reduce emissions.

Since launch, it has expanded the number of available postcodes from eight to 98, serving a potential 1.2 million households.

“Rapid Delivery has had a really encouraging start, allowing us to provide even greater convenience and flexibility to work around shoppers’ busy lifestyles,” Waitrose head of business development Nicola Waller said.

“There is a growing number of customers who want to get their shopping as and when they want it which gives us a great opportunity to continue testing the appetite for the service in new locations both inside and outside of London.”

In May, Waitrose also announced an extension to its While You’re Away pilot, which sees its delivery drivers let themselves into customers’ homes while they’re out to deliver goods, form 100 to over 1000 people.

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