Walmart invests in “community solar gardens”

Walmart has invested in solar energy in an effort to reduce its energy bill and add to its “expanding renewable energy portfolio.”

The US retail giant has subscribed to 36 of renewable energy company US Solar’s “community solar gardens” located throughout Minnesota.

These community gardens, of which 13 are currently operating with the rest due for completion in the first half of next year, are centrally located solar photovoltaic systems that provide renewable electricity to its subscribers.

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Businesses, public entities and residents are able to subscribe to these solar gardens, and do not need to have any solar panels on their own property, but will then receive a credit on their energy bill based on the amount of energy produced by their subscribed portion of the solar garden each month.

Each of the 36 community solar gardens will produce one-megawatt of energy and will partially power Walmart stores across 13 states.

“Solar is a vital component of Walmart’s expanding renewable energy portfolio,” Walmart’s vice president of energy Mark Vanderhelm said.

“Walmart plans to tirelessly pursue renewable energy projects that are right for our customers, our business and the environment. This community solar gardens initiative with US Solar is moving us in the right direction toward our renewable energy goals.”

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