A third of UK shoppers have left a negative online review

Nearly one third of UK shoppers have reportedly left negative online reviews as Britons start “exercising their right to have a moan when they receive sub-par service”.

According new research conducted by Brightpearl, 70 per cent of shoppers questioned who had left a negative review did so in the last year.

A further 76 per cent of those surveyed said they would warn someone they know about a negative experience with a retail brand.

This comes as customers are relying more heavily on user reviews to determine their shopping habits, with 46 per cent regularly checking star ratings of retailers online before buying, and 40 per cent stating they have been put off a retailer by a single poor review.

Conversely, 55 per cent of respondents said they would also be likely to spend more with a retailer which had excellent reviews, with many saying they’d spend up to 22 per cent more with a retailer that had mostly “excellent reviews”.

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On average shoppers look for around 30 positive online review before they would part with their cash, but any retailers who rate below four out of five stars is generally considered negative.

“Consumers have started exercising their right to have a moan when they receive sub-par service – and brands need to start paying closer attention,” Brightpearl’s chief executive of retail operations Derek O’Carroll said.

“From our research, it is clear that a positive review – or 30 – can make a huge difference in the choices consumers make when it comes to selecting a brand or retailer.

“It is also important for retailers to be aware of the wide-ranging impact a negative review can have on their business, as well as understanding where those problems are coming from – whether it’s items not arriving on time or at all, to lack of delivery updates or cancelled purchases.

“Customers pay attention to middling and lower reviews, resulting in lost sales opportunities and potentially damaged reputation.

“The best approach to negative reviews is to identify and fix the issues that can lead to unhappy shopping experiences.”

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